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What Makes A Good Action Movie

Are you starting to have interest in watching action movies? Then you should know what makes a good action movie. Here are some qualities that are essential to a good action flick:

Are you looking for a great action movies?

Movie Plot

Surprisingly, many action movies have poor scripts and weak characters. A good action movie must meander through a standard plotline. A stand out movie script is always a factor in the success in getting the interest of the viewers.

Action Stunts

Adrenalin pumping action movies would not be complete without action stunts. The action sequence or stunts are a feature of many action films.

Shocking Betrayals

Betrayal scenes make and action movie more interesting. You can expect some level of payback after the betrayal. Then it will be followed by plenty of action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Multiple Love Interests

There is always a girl for the action hero. That’s true, but there happens to be another girl that shares the lead actor’s interest. She starts as a good girl but later on lured away to a life of crime. But only one of the multiple love interest will make it to the end of the movie.

A Hero With Witty Way With Words

Some actors do action, some do comedy, and some do both at the same time. A witty hero is always a delight to see in an action movie. Sometimes the action scenes are punctuated with a killer one-liner, which later on becomes a famous line on a movie.