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5 Must-Have Snacks During Movie Time

Gone are the days when movie time means popcorn time. Today, there are unlimited food choices when you want to enjoy your movies. Popcorn, move along. Here are some must-have snacks you have to try next time for a bold twist in your movie time foodie:

Nuts and Snacks Mix

Get creative with your food. Not only are nuts tasty, but they are also delicious. Pack a crunch and make your movie time more memorable with a selection of tried and true awesomeness of nuts and snacks mix. 

Chocolate Bar Brownie

Fusion is a thing. Do not settle for a chocolate or a brownie alone. You can have both so enjoy them in a bite. Tickle your tastebuds and satisfy your sweet tooth with a delectable sweet chocolate and brownie connection. 


Who doesn’t love nachos? They can be messy. But man, are they good! Give you Mexican craving a go! Nachos are fun to chum during movies with its glorious mixture of flavors and spices. 


Healthy snacking is possible. A proof to which is yogurt. There are a variety of flavors you can choose from. Enjoy the movies with a cold or frozen flavored yogurt for a guilt-free yet satisfying snack. 


Fruits are great for snacking, too. They are healthy alternatives if you want to fill your tummy without feeling bloated. Fruits are healthy and delicious. The right choice of fruit can make any movie time a great time. 

Choose your weapon among these movie time snack favorites. You can never go wrong when you snack while watching. Make it even more worthwhile with the ideal snack to accompany your movie choice. Have fun, keep munching, and enjoy the movies!

What Makes A Good Action Movie

Are you starting to have interest in watching action movies? Then you should know what makes a good action movie. Here are some qualities that are essential to a good action flick:

Are you looking for a great action movies?

Movie Plot

Surprisingly, many action movies have poor scripts and weak characters. A good action movie must meander through a standard plotline. A stand out movie script is always a factor in the success in getting the interest of the viewers.

Action Stunts

Adrenalin pumping action movies would not be complete without action stunts. The action sequence or stunts are a feature of many action films.

Shocking Betrayals

Betrayal scenes make and action movie more interesting. You can expect some level of payback after the betrayal. Then it will be followed by plenty of action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Multiple Love Interests

There is always a girl for the action hero. That’s true, but there happens to be another girl that shares the lead actor’s interest. She starts as a good girl but later on lured away to a life of crime. But only one of the multiple love interest will make it to the end of the movie.

A Hero With Witty Way With Words

Some actors do action, some do comedy, and some do both at the same time. A witty hero is always a delight to see in an action movie. Sometimes the action scenes are punctuated with a killer one-liner, which later on becomes a famous line on a movie.

Gift Ideas For The Movie Buff In Your Life

Are you thinking of buying gifts for your friends and family? Perhaps it’s his or her special day or just in a generosity-filled mood, no matter which you fall under, there’s bound to be at least a couple more on your list to check off. Here are some gift ideas for those movie buffs you may have on your list.

Movie memorabilia


Movie buff loves movies so it may be an obvious choice for your gift ideas. However, it may not be easy to find the right one for a movie fan. You will have to be concerned with some problems when you choose to give a movie to your movie-loving friend like picking the wrong format, the wrong medium, the wrong edition or simply just picking the wrong movie. Of course, you do not want to buy them a movie they already own. Make sure the receiver want a particular movie or don’t have it on his or her collection. Movies are good for us movie buffs, but be careful about what you buy if you intend to give it to someone.

Movie Memorabilia

One of the gift ideas to consider for movie enthusiasts are movie memorabilia or movie gifts. They will surely appreciate everything about the movies they love. It can be movie posters, to shirts, to collector’s items, to autographed pieces, to boxed sets, to film cells and artwork. True movie enthusiasts appreciate scripts, screenplays and props from their favourite movies. You can find these items from online outlets that sell this type of stuff.

Movie-Related Books and Magazines

For many movie buffs, we can say they love everything movie-related. They will appreciate movie-related books and magazines, especially if they love reading. You may consider the biographies of their favourite actors or movie-related books for your gift ideas for them. There are plenty of books out there intended for movie buffs.
Also, getting them movie-related magazine subscriptions is one of the good choices.

Tips To Enjoy Watching Movies At Home

Watching movies at home is a great way to relax. It feels good to sit and relax as you enjoy your adventure or a journey throughout the movie. Watching movies sets a relaxing mood and take your mind off the worries. You want to get the most out of your relaxation time at home, so here are some tips to enjoy watching movies at home.

Movie-watching at home

Select movies mindfully

You should know the kind of movies you or your partner would enjoy watching. Choose movies that both parties will enjoy.

You may also want to plan ahead. You may think that watching movies at home does not need any advance planning. It helps when you plan and chose the titles that you want to watch. Choosing a movie from the video store would work well in this case.

Get your snacks ready

Your movie-watching experience will not be great without snacks. Of course, it is the snacks that make the whole viewing experience enjoyable. Get your snacks ready, popcorn, chips, soft drinks, ice-cream and other homemade snacks. Make sure to prepare snacks to eat while watching a movie if you choose to host a movie session with friends and family.

Place a good home theatre system

It may not be necessary to have this, but a good home theatre system enhances the viewing experience. Hi-Fi or surround sound speaker provides you with an immersive sound which is perfect for watching movies. Having the system in place makes a big difference.

These tips can make movie watching at home a great joy for you, family and your friends. There you go enjoy watching movies at home.